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“Transform your life with Aditya Wadhwa Coaching’s Personal and Group coaching plans.”


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Whichever coaching plan you choose, you can trust that Aditya Wadhwa’s expertise in mindset coaching, business coaching, and relationship coaching will empower you to achieve your goals and unlock your full potential. Whether you prefer the personalized focus of Personal Coaching or the dynamic energy of Group Coaching, your transformation journey starts here.

Our Services

Personal Coaching

Get a one-on-one mentorship Program for 6 months.

Personal Mentorship

Personalized guidance and support with the one-on-one mentorship program.

Group Coaching

Get a Group mentorship Program for 6 months.

Group Mentorship

Harness the power of community in a dynamic group led by Aditya. Connect with like-minded individuals, benefit from collective wisdom, and stay accountable on your journey.

Personal Coaching

Our Personal Coaching plan is designed for those seeking highly personalized guidance. When you choose Personal Coaching, you embark on a one-on-one journey with Aditya Wadhwa, your trusted mindset, business, and relationship coach. This exclusive plan offers a tailored experience that focuses entirely on your specific goals, challenges, and aspirations.


  • Customized Approach: Your coaching plan is personalized to address your unique requirements.
  • Focused Attention: Enjoy undivided attention during one-on-one coaching sessions.
  • Deeper Insights: Dive into your personal and professional growth with in-depth guidance.
  • Flexibility: Schedule sessions at your convenience, whether in person, by phone, or via video conferencing.
  • Accelerated Results: Experience rapid transformation and profound growth on your journey.

Group Coaching

For those who thrive in a community of like-minded individuals, our Group Coaching plan offers a vibrant and supportive environment. Led by Aditya Wadhwa, this plan brings together individuals with shared goals. It’s an opportunity to learn, grow, and collaborate as part of a dynamic group.


  • Community Support: Connect with others on a similar path and share your experiences.
  • Collective Wisdom: Benefit from diverse perspectives and insights within the group.
  • Affordability: Access expert coaching at a lower cost compared to personal coaching.
  • Structured Learning: Participate in group sessions that follow a well-defined curriculum.
  • Accountability: Stay motivated and accountable as you work towards your goals.